A smarter way to turn design into product.   

Backbone is a product development platform that empowers brands to make products smarter, faster, and at scale.



Ensure Your Products Drive Revenue 

With greater visibility, you make better decisions on material costs, design changes, and timelines to safeguard revenue, cut down on waste, and nullify inessential spending.

Empower Creativity  20% of production time is wasted looking for product information. A smart, streamlined workflow lets your designers design.

Make Better, Data-backed Decisions …instantly and with the click of a mouse. Dynamic data enables easy-to-generate and easy-to-share reports. 

Increase Speed to Market  Manage information across teams with a centralized system of record. Improve communications by standardizing data and reducing opportunity for error.

Drive Engagement   Easy to implement, intuitive to use: Our platform simplifies a complicated process and incentivizes teams to collaborate across a single, cloud-based source of truth.

Industries we serve

Regardless of vertical, all consumer goods companies can reap benefits from the adoption of Backbone’s PLM.


Fashion and apparel companies of all sizes leverage the Backbone application for designing, developing, and producing their collections with ease.


Modern accessory companies are using Backbone to increase productivity across their design and development teams  by reducing operational complexities.

Home Goods

Home goods companies leverage a centralized system of truth within Backbone to collaborate and rely upon product updates, feedback, and revisions – building accountability within their organizations.


Eyewear companies are leveraging Backbone’s dynamic data to reduce errors and increase visibility across their teams creating faster speed to market and inevitably lower costs.

Consumer Goods

Companies building any physical product in today’s modern retail and eCommerce landscape need to operate faster, and smarter, with a workflow that is flexible with their process.


Footwear brands are benefiting from standardized data that creates consistency for their vendors, and increases development efficiency – decreasing the number of samples needed and increasing quality during iterative processes.

Increase Productivity and Streamline your Techstack

Drive ROI, save time, and increase efficiency by leveraging one easy to adopt tool vs. multiple apps throughout the production lifecycle.

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“We were severely disorganized before, using a mix of Excel, Google Docs, and handwritten notes that were constantly getting lost. Having all of our sourcing information centralized in an easy-to-use interface has been extremely helpful.”

Reduce Errors across the Production Process

Ensure data integrity while eliminating manual data entry from inception to final product deliverable.

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“We’ve been working remote with our design team for over 5 years now, Backbone is the tool we lean on for visibility.”

Enhance Collaboration and Visibility

As the single source of truth, teams can collaborate on one platform to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

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“The fact that it is cloud-based, and can be accessed from anywhere lets everyone on my team have a central hub to look up information.”

Improve Standardization and Reduce Operational Complexity

Standardize processes, workflows, and data using a centralized system of records, libraries, and templates.

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“Backbone has improved consistency and the organization of shared components across styles, ease of creating, updating, and distributing tech packs.”

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