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Backbone’s Solution for Accessory Brands

Accessory brands face an ongoing demand for new products and a constant evolution of global trends and consumer expectations. Backbone can help you meet the need and delight your customers year-round.

Our cloud-based PLM increases efficiency and enables data-backed decisions with tools that help accessories companies of all sizes design, develop, and produce products smarter. Here’s how:


Interconnected libraries with dynamically updated data help you track the wide range of materials used across product types — from leather to diamonds, and everything in between.


Record prototype data and images, iterate your designs, and gather feedback and revisions in one place to maintain quality and increase your speed to market.


With the uniquely expensive costs of materials — efficiency, accuracy, and access to real-time reports through Backbone’s platform are paramount for success.

“Backbone allowed us to eliminate multiple tools and put everything in a single box. Through adopting Backbone’s agile framework, we are setting the stage for the next phase of our business, in which our motto is, ‘think big and act small’.”

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