Backbone PLM was created by designers, for designers to empower rapidly growing fashion and apparel brands.

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Backbone is empowering digital-first consumer goods companies across these industries.

Our team has worked for the world’s leading fashion brands and even owned our own labels. We know what it’s like managing multiple production cycles per year and innovating on style, price point, functionality, and sustainability.

Backbone gives your team what they need most – time. Our cloud-based platform empowers efficiency and increases productivity with tools that help fashion and apparel brands design, develop, and produce goods smarter, faster, and at scale.


Increase Speed and Reduce Costs

In the current fashion landscape, fashion brands must continuously innovate and discover ways of improving product quality, time to market, and operational efficiency while reducing overhead costs to establish customer loyalty and generate revenue. Embracing a digitally native platform allows your brand to maintain relevance among competitors and become more responsive to evolving trends.

Empower Creativity and Performance

Backbone provides a unique opportunity to innovate and usher in a new means of producing goods. Brands can spend more time designing thoughtful products that add value to the consumer and the planet. Dedicating more resources toward design and development allows fashion brands to remain nimble and create products that align with the customer’s values.

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Professionalized Product Development

With Backbone, create the processes and infrastructure needed to scale. Start creating consistency with your factories and suppliers with professional tech packs, line sheet reports, utilization reports and more. Reduce the errors that come from siloed teams working in different places.

Drive Employee Engagement

Backbone visually displays design and product information in one central location, including all image files, fabric materials, custom palettes, and Pantone libraries, which are pre-populated in the system. With free-flowing designs from start to finish, designers experience far less resistance compared to traditional PLM systems, making it a user-friendly experience for design and technical teams alike.

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Empower Creativity & Performance

Backbone’s fashion PLM software empowers uninhibited, free-flowing designs from beginning to end. With less resistance from designers and developers, Backbone PLM is easier to use than traditional PLM systems and more enjoyable to operate each day. 

Enable Data-Backed Decisions

Customized reporting tools built into backbone integrate each department and display easy-to-read product data and metrics that enable fast-acting decisions. Design teams aren’t wasting valuable time manually inputting metrics to report on the status of a particular product or collection.

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Backbone’s modern, easy-to-use product development platform helps fashion brands and design agencies make products smarter, faster, and at scale. Get a personalized demo and quote today!