Backbone PLM was created for designers, by designers to empower rapidly growing fashion & apparel brands.

Growing Brands, Built with Backbone

Our team has worked for the world’s leading fashion brands and even owned our own labels. We know what it’s like to manage multiple production cycles per year and compete by innovating on style, price point, functionality, and sustainability.

Backbone gives your team the thing they need most – time. Our cloud-based platform empowers creativity and increases productivity with tools that help fashion and apparel companies of all sizes design, develop and produce apparel smarter, faster and at scale.

Built for Fashion & Apparel Brands

The apparel industry faces constant demand for new products, with some brands going through as many as five production cycles a year. Factor in the constant evolution of global trends and consumer expectations, and the need to compete with others in the space by innovating on style, price point, functionality, and, increasingly, sustainability.

Backbone empowers brands to navigate these unique industry challenges efficiently and with ease (and yes, time to actually design). Here’s how:


Powerful Adobe integration and interconnected libraries with dynamically-updated data are your central source of truth for products that can be reused, edited, or updated with ease.


Create tech packs in minutes, keep BOMs updated as you iterate your designs, and gather feedback & revisions all in one place to speed your time to market while maintaining quality.


Ensure your products drive revenue and enable data-backed decision making with reporting tools that provide visibility and clarity across seasons & product lines.

“Backbone is a very intuitive system to use – it’s great for storing data in one centralized area.”

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