Backbone Lite on Shopify

Tech Packs and PLM Tools for DTC Fashion and Apparel Brands

Growing Brands, Built with Backbone

Backbone’s Solution for Shopify Users

We’ve been in your shoes. You’ve got a small team, amazing products, and a whole lot of data in spreadsheets and folders to contain them all. Backbone for Shopify was created by the team at Backbone PLM to help you bring order to the chaos, professionalize your product development process, and unlock your potential for growth.

Backbone Lite is perfect for:
-Brands using Shopify as their online storefront
-Design and development teams of 1-3 users
-Early-stage and startup brands with small budgets



Empower Creativity

Powerful features like our Adobe Illustrator plugin save time for designers, empowering them to do what they do best – design. Sketches and product images are easily synced as revisions and samples occur.

Increase Speed to Market

A lot of production time is wasted looking for product information. Backbone’s cloud-based system of interconnected libraries gives your team constant access to updated product information so they move at digital speed.

Professionalize Your Process

Create tech packs in minutes, standardize size specifications, reduce errors, and create professional line sheets. Backbone’s centralized system of record helps you progress through the development process with ease.

Features You’ll Love

Centralized Product Information

Work more efficiently by giving your whole team access to the most up-to-date product data. Eliminate hours of manual data entry and maintain optimal organization of your product data with your whole team. 

Tech Packs in Minutes

Create and share professional tech packs in minutes! Leverage your product data and templates to build custom tech packs in a few clicks and build consistensy among your organization.

Swatches & Pantone Libraries

Build product colorways in seconds while utilizing true Pantone Color Swatches. Create custom color palettes for your team to work off of to keep everyone aligned and reduce errors.  

Adobe Illustrator Plugin

Users can sync Adobe Illustrator files directly into Backbone PLM and work off of the most current version as it evolves throughout the design cycle. Additionally, if you need to compare past image files, you can revisit previous versions as needed.

Size Specification Management

Standardize size specs and fit across styles with reusable, editable graded rules and measurements through our robust Point of Measure and Blocks Libraries.  

Professional Line Sheets

Create visual product reports that compile key data for greater visibility as you collaborate with internal and external partners. Update your reports in real-time with our dynamic databases.

“Backbone is the app you’ve always dreamed about and have been waiting for. It is an essential tool for our company’s product development and management.”

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