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Backbone Gives Back: Boulder Youth Service Initiative


By: Team Backbone | Dec. 28th, 2021

This holiday season, Backbone PLM participated in a local toy drive to support the Boulder Youth Service Initiative (YSI). For the second year in a row, the Backbone team worked alongside the Boulder YSI to generously donate toys, dolls, sports equipment, art supplies, clothing, shoes, gifts cards, and more to children ages 7 to 14. Backbone PLM cares deeply about supporting this charitable cause, and we hope to continue leaving a positive influence on the local youth who reside in our great community. 

Boulder Youth Service Initiative

For more than 10 years, the Boulder Youth Service Initiative has changed lives and built a deeply-rooted community among our region’s economically less fortunate. The Boulder YSI inspires youth and families from underrepresented communities to make responsible choices through recreation, health, and life skill development. Each year, the initiative serves about 150 people whose individual circumstances would otherwise prevent them from experiencing many of the recreational and educational activities their fellow peers enjoy. 

Boulder YSI exposes underserved community members to art, healthy nutrition, the benefits of academic achievement and higher education, a welcoming culture, and an encouraging support system. The YSI broadens the horizons of local youth through recreational programs, including spring break ski trips, horseback riding, waterskiing, sporting events, and cultural exhibitions. Beyond establishing a strong sense of community, the organization encourages and empowers civic-minded youth to grow and pursue an engaging career path.

Backbone Lends a Helping Hand

Christmastime can be an overwhelming period for families all across the country, and while the Boulder region covers only a fraction of that, even the smallest gestures can leave the biggest impact on the lives of those around us. “We’re incredibly grateful to everyone on our team for helping support this community and giving back a little,” said Jamie Peters, Vice President of Operations at Backbone PLM. 

At Backbone PLM, it’s our responsibility to give back to those in need and ensure children of all ages experience the wonderful and joyous privileges the holidays bring. This year, we dropped off 15 wrapped presents and 29 gift cards for the kids of the Boulder YSI. “It is a great organization and an incredible feeling to see the excitement on their faces when they finally open up their presents,” she said. 


Prior to the toy drive, the Backbone staff also participated in a Thanksgiving meal drive. Team members purchased King Soopers gift cards for families of the organization to purchase the items needed for a special Thanksgiving meal. Those attached to the Boulder YSI were incredibly grateful for the support. 

“We thank you so much for the holiday generosity; Backbone’s support brought a lot of smiles,” said Maddie Gross, Recreation Leader at Boulder YSI. “The teens I work with were so flattered and grateful to receive their gift donations this season. Thank you for your consistent and generous donations.” 


The Season of Giving Continues 

Working with the Boulder YSI is a tradition we plan to honor for many years to come. Everyone at Backbone PLM agrees when we say; we love seeing the beaming smiles of the people we have been able to help through our partnership with Boulder YSI. 

To learn more about funding, eligibility, and programs, click the link here. If you are interested in getting involved, click the links below for additional information on volunteer and employment opportunities in the city of Boulder. 

For general information or to contact any one of Boulder YSI’s Recreation Coordinators, please call the office number: 303-413-7252.

Well Wishes From Backbone PLM

As the holiday season winds down and comes to a close, the opportunity to give back is always available. We find ourselves reflecting on the past year and want to thank those who have helped shape our business and provided the opportunity to give back to organizations like Boulder YSI. It has been a tremendous year of growth, and we hope this year has been just as memorable for you, your colleagues, and your loved ones.

We wish you all a safe and happy New Year! See you in 2022! 

-The Backbone Team