Case Studies

Klymit Scales with Backbone’s Product Libraries

Klymit sought the assistance of Backbone’s dynamic product libraries to streamline design and development workflows.

Item Views Help Elope Streamline Data

Elope sought a fast-acting PLM solution to manage new products and rapid growth

Flylow Gear Saves Big with Component Management

Using Backbone’s component library and utilization reports, Flylow was able to save thousands.

Pact Uses Backbone to Collaborate & Communicate Better

Pact, Earth’s Favorite™ clothing brand, leverages Backbone for organizational growth.

Scaling Sustainability with Backbone

Learn how the women behind époque évolution are designing
a better future with Backbone.

Reporting Tools Help Peter Millar Align Collaboration Efforts

Learn about Peter Millar’s collaboration process and Backbone’s dynamic PLM solution.

Chubbies & Backbone: The Perfect Pair

Explosive growth leads Chubbies to Backbone PLM to manage product variants and keep development on track.

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Client Stories from the Backbone Blog

Not your typical PLM

Backbone’s modern, easy-to-use product development platform helps fashion brands and design agencies make products smarter, faster, and at scale.

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