A Product Development Platform for Leading
Design Agencies

Growing Brands, Built with Backbone

Growing Brands, Built with Backbone

Backbone’s Solution for Design Agencies

Clients go to design agencies for help turning ideas into products — and design agencies, in turn, go to Backbone for a platform that helps them design, develop and produce those products smarter, faster and at scale.

Our cloud-based platform allows for easy, real-time client collaboration and product information management, while also offering the ability for agencies to maintain a database of components to use across clients.


Interconnected libraries with dynamically-updated data are your central source of truth for products & components that can be reused across clients, edited, & updated with ease.


 Share tech packs and assets with clients as well as factories, & use Backbone to collaborate with stakeholders while limiting exposure of sensitive data pertaining to other clients.


Use Backbone to manage multiple brands with unlimited products, reuse blocks and construction details across brands, and access powerful reporting to help your clients thrive.

“An amazing experience. I have worked with Backbone for almost 2 years now and I am truly thankful I have this platform in my life. It has saved myself and clients so much time to collect information. I would say our products and business are even better now because of Backbone.”

Evi R., Director of Product Development at Sidfactor

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Backbone’s modern, cloud-based, easy-to-use product development platform is helping fashion brands and design agencies make products smarter, faster, and at scale. Get a personalized demo and quote today!