The future of consumer brands is digital. Backbone provides the platform that empowers fashion brands to innovate, design, and develop products at digital speed while scaling for growth.

Empower creativity and increase productivity with design tools that help you build products smarter and faster, from anywhere your team is located.

Adobe Illustrator Plugin

Backbone’s two-way Adobe plugin enables designers to access and update files without worrying about the current artboard version. Changes sync seamlessly, taking the pain out of product revisions for your whole team.

Product & Component Libraries

Interconnected libraries with dynamically updated data are your central source of truth for products and components. Best of all, they can be reused, edited, or updated with ease.

Palettes & Swatches

Manage product and component colorways, including custom palettes and Pantone libraries which are pre-populated in the Backbone system.

Image Annotator

Drive engagement across teams by enabling callouts on images that dynamically populate your Bill of Materials (BOM), record Points of Measure (POMs), and collect feedback and revisions all in one place.


Increase speed to market with product development tools that streamline your workflow, save time, and reduce errors with dynamic, cloud-based data.

Tech Packs

Build and share flexible tech packs that include everything you need, including images and files. Create templates to reuse later, and send tech packs directly from Backbone to factories, your team, or anyone else in minutes.

Bill of Materials

Changes made to products reflect automatically in the BOM, and BOM templates provide a starting point for new products to be adjusted for individual components.

Point of Measure Library

Create POMs in seconds or populate them as design teams collaborate in the Image Annotator Tool. Store POMs in one convenient location to use across assortments, and easily build Block Templates.

Blocks Library

Standardize size specifications and fit across core and carryover styles. Eliminate duplicative work with reusable, dynamically graded rules and measurements.


Ensure your products drive revenue and enable data-backed decisions with reporting tools that provide visibility and clarity.

Item Views

View and filter real-time data associated with your products, including lead times, sample tracking, factory allocation, and much more. Create flexible views to meet your team’s needs and empower them to make informed decisions for profitability.

Line Sheet Reports

Create visual product reports and compile data for greater visibility as you collaborate with internal and external partners. Summarize and review products by season, collection, type, and more.

Component Utilization Reports

Leverage data across your Backbone libraries to create dynamic utilization reports. Analyze the impacts of component changes and choice of raw materials on your bottom line, and prepare your team for price negotiations with vendors.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Admins can create, edit, and manage custom fields specific to your brand’s unique needs and goals. Our intuitive admin panel makes it easy for teams to configure brands, taxonomy, fields, and users.

Not your typical PLM

Backbone’s modern, easy-to-use product development platform helps fashion brands and design agencies make products smarter, faster, and at scale.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

John Weld

President | Immersion Research

“We were up and running the same day we signed up and now have the ability to organize a huge amount of information in a way that makes sense for garment design (as opposed to generic solutions like spreadsheets). The bottom line for us is that it’s allowed our company to keep our product management team down to two core people.”

Lynne Moore

Owner | Lamworx

The biggest advantage to using Backbone is reduction of human error. On my end, having the drop down menus from databases reduced typing errors and inconsistencies, and on the factory end, always finding information in the same place, in the same format… Consistency, Efficiency, Accuracy.

Evi Ranson

Product Developer | SIDFACTOR

The Tech Pack feature that gathers all the information for me in one file is a game changer. It used to take me hours longer to build a folder per style with BOM, specs, comments, etc. and having this with a click of a button is a game changer.