Backbone PLM empowers direct-to-consumer footwear brands to make products smarter, faster, and at scale.

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Backbone’s Solution for Footwear Brands

When it comes to footwear production, lead times are longer, but seasonal consumer demand for new products is relentless. Sizing can differ from product to product or factory to factory, which complicates the ability to standardize sizing within a brand. And the fit and quality of production — especially at a high volume — are of utmost importance.

In other words, footwear brands don’t have a second or data point to spare. Footwear brands need a smarter, streamlined workflow — and Backbone delivers.


Interconnected libraries with dynamically updated data let your designers use previous seasons’ information to build new collections and speed up your line planning.


Reduce prototype time, maintain quality, and improve real-time collaboration with Backbone as your central source of truth for product revisions.


Backbone gives your team more time to position your product lines and pricing before they go on sale, helping maximize profitability each season.

“Before Backbone, we were a foam core board company. Old school. Now we can customize data depending on who the customer is. We even use it internally as a digital sounding board: ‘Just dump your first image in here, if it gets slammed, archive it, update it.’”

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