Backbone PLM empowers direct-to-consumer home goods brands with the tools you need to compete.

Growing Brands, Built with Backbone

Growing Brands, Built with Backbone

Backbone’s Solution for Home Goods Brands

Developing home goods entails carefully tracking requirements, measurements, and costs. Determining the right mix of product, as well as the right quantity can make or break your whole season. On top of that, ensuring compliance with consumer product safety, and various international and domestic regulatory standards is crucial, and many brands have complex product and material sourcing processes.

Enter Backbone. Our cloud-based platform increases efficiency and enables data-backed decisions with tools that help home goods companies of all sizes and kinds design, develop and produce smarter, faster and at scale.


Interconnected libraries with dynamically-updated data are your central source of truth for products & components that can be reused, edited, or updated with ease.


 Plan collections and assortments faster, ensuring your product mixes and quantities are right from the start. Easily track compliance & safety details, too.


Backbone’s powerful reporting can help you track costs, set different prices for different sizes of the same product, and ensure all your products drive revenue.

“We have been using the system for years and the organization it brings to our product development process is refreshing.”

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