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The industry is buzzing about Backbone! Our modern approach to PLM and product development is helping the fastest growing brands design, develop, and scale at digital speed.

March 23, 2021

Footwear News

Tech Tuesdays: Product Lifecycle Software and What Footwear Stands to Gain from PLM


CIO Review

Designer Software for Designers (2020)

November 12, 2019


The Modern Supply Chain: Why Multi-Vendor Sourcing Needs To Be The New Norm

October 9, 2019


Why Measuring Sustainability Is Key to Improving Fashion’s Impact

September 25, 2019


Shinola Taps Backbone to Bolster PLM Processes

August 5, 2019


Backbone raises $10 million for cloud-hosted consumer goods workflows

July 10, 2019


Industry-First Platform by Backbone Enables Direct-to-Consumer Brands to Double-Down on Data-Driven Decisions

July 3, 2019

Footwear News

Direct-to-Consumer Brands Are Using This Tool to Streamline Production

January 11, 2019


Backbone PLM, True Fit Size Up Product Development

November 13, 2018


How to Speed Up Product Development

August 16, 2018


With a new $8 million injection, Backbone PLM looks to become the ‘Slack for fashion’

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