LOULOU Lollipop Baby

LOULOU Lollipop partners with Backbone to create a central source of truth for design and development teams.


Founded in 2015 by twin sisters Eleanor and Angel, British Columbia-based LOULOU Lollipop designs and produces a myriad of specialty baby and infant products, including blankets, apparel, toys, and unique teething jewelry. 

Originally launching the brand with 2 dessert-themed silicone teethers, the brand quickly experienced a surge in growth as their products gained popularity among new parents. From there, the successes kept coming and today you can find a wide assortment of their baby products both online and in stores like Nordstrom, Crate & Barrel, and more. 

We’re excited to have the opportunity to partner with LOULOU Lollipop, a brand committed to design and quality of their goods, and making them better, cuter, and safer for infants. 

Backbone will strengthen LOULOU Lollipop’s current design and product development workflows, standardizing factory and other 3rd party deliverables like tech packs, line sheets, and more. The scalable, intuitive system will also support upcoming growth for this unique (and adorable) consumer goods brand. We look forward to watching them in 2021!

Want to see more? Check out LOULOU Lollipop here:

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