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Backbone’s Solution for Outdoor Brands

Designing for the great outdoors can be an adventure in and of itself. Many outdoor brands only have one or two seasons a year, but lead times for development can be excruciating. A wide range of product types within outdoor brands requires multiple instances of high-touch production needs, including field-testing prototypes, adhering to compliance requirements, evolving global regulations, and keeping up with consumer trends.

Outdoor brands need a centralized system of record for their products to save valuable time. Time for research and development, time for innovation, and time to establish a leading position in the industry. Backbone PLM simplifies product development, giving outdoor brands a streamlined workflow that increases team productivity, standardizes data, and updates product information in real-time.


Our powerful Adobe Illustrator plugin enables designers to sync artboards to interconnected libraries with dynamically updated data – your central source of truth for products which can be accessed by anyone on your team, anytime.


Gather field test feedback on prototypes and collaborate in real-time using Backbone as your central source of truth to reduce production time and improve functionality.


Enable data-backed decision-making with reporting tools that provide visibility and clarity across seasons and product lines.

“Backbone has improved consistency and the organization of shared components across styles, ease of creating, updating, and distributing tech packs.”

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