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Development tools that streamline processes

Save time and errors by reducing your operational complexities through centralized and dynamic data.

  • Image Library
  • Bill of Materials
  • Size Specifications
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“We have been using the system for years and the organization it brings to our product development process is refreshing.”


Reporting tools that provide visibility

Eliminate version control through the creation of dynamic reports. Collaborate cross functionally with our shared data and visual line sheets.

  • Line Sheets
  • Utilization Reporting
  • Custom Field Management
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“Backbone is transforming how we manage data; it’s improved our BOM building efficiency, qualitative decision making, data reporting, and laid the groundwork for scalable growth.”

Design tools that increase productivity

Access built-in tools and libraries to construct products and create tech packs with ease.

  • Image Annotator
  • Construction Details
  • Feedback and Revisions
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“Backbone’s been a game-changer for us in terms of professionalizing our tech stack.”

Dynamic libraries that drive efficiency

Organize and standardize your company’s data. With one centralized tool, and various powerful libraries, everyone is sure to be aligned.

  • Product Library
  • Component Library
  • Color Library
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“Backbone is a very intuitive system to use – it’s great for storing data in one centralized area.”

Production tools that get you to market faster

Bring transparency throughout the production process with your stakeholders.

  • Work-in-progress (WIP) Tracking 
  • Data Exportation
  • Cost Sheet Management
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“We are a small to mid-sized apparel brand and Backbone is a great tool we’ve used to communicate with factories and gather internal data for reporting.”


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We’re open to partner across any industry including but not limited to technology, production, finance, fashion, and education.


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