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Top 5 Shopify Apps for Apparel Brands


By: Team Backbone | August 2nd, 2022

At a Glance:

Product Design and Development

Supplier Sourcing

Shipping & Logistics

Warehousing & Distribution



Ready to build and grow your apparel brand? We’ve highlighted our Top 5 Apps for Brands selling on Shopify. We chose these apps based on the top needs to move your products quickly through the supply chain. We know that when the supply chain is working efficiently, brands are able to scale more easily and create lifelong customers.

Take a look at our Top 5!

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Product Design and Development

We’ll start off with our top-rated product design and development app. For this phase of the supply chain, we chose Backbone Lite. Backbone Lite is a cloud-based product development software to meet the needs of emergent DTC fashion and apparel brands, available on the Shopify app store. Backbone Lite provides the tools needed to professionalize the product development process, increase speed to market, and empower creativity, allowing designers to focus on constructing products that will grow their business. 

Backbone Lite functions very similarly to Backbone PLM with all the essential features needed to create tech packs, including a centralized, cloud-based platform for product and component data. That means enormous time and cost savings for growing brands who spend significant design time compiling tech packs manually using Excel and Adobe Illustrator.

Additional features like the Adobe Illustrator plugin save designers time, enhancing their creative path by syncing changes from Illustrator artboards directly into product libraries and tech packs within Backbone. Backbone Lite’s product development solution provides an effortless path for PLM beginners to solve common barriers and reduce time to value while scaling essential business functions.

Backbone Lite Features

  • Centralized Product Information – Work efficiently by giving your whole team access to the most updated product data.
  • Tech Packs in Minutes – Dynamic product and component libraries make it easy to create and share tech packs quickly.
  • Adobe Illustrator Integration – Save design time by syncing Adobe Illustrator files directly into Backbone as updates are made.
  • Sync Products to Shopify – Get a head start on creating new products in your Shopify store by syncing product names and descriptions directly from Backbone.
  • Swatches & Pantone Libraries – Manage custom colorways and access all Pantone libraries, which are pre-populated in the system.
  • Size Specification Management – Standardize size specs and fit across styles with reusable, editable graded rules and measurements.
  • Better Sample Management – Collect feedback, track progress, and collaborate better on production phase samples.

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Right now, you can try Backbone Lite free for 14 days when you install the app on Shopify:

Supplier Sourcing 

A great place to start sourcing new suppliers is the AliExpress App in the Shopify App Store. While this app does other things such as help dropshippers find products to sell, it also provides a supplier optimizer for brands to source and find new suppliers to make their goods. With over 8000 reviews and a 5-star rating, we approve this Supplier Sourcing App. 

Some of the features of the AliExpress App are:

Place Orders Faster

DSers lets you place multiple orders at once faster to save time and gain efficiency with AliExpress dropshipping solution!

Find & Import Products

With DSers you can find and import products easily! Get access to special suppliers for better prices, and higher quality to grow your business!

Supplier Optimizer

Find new suppliers, with better prices and quality for your products to increase your margins and improve your customers’ satisfaction!

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Shipping & Logistics

Our top-rated Shipping App is ShipStation. ShipStation prides itself on being the most affordable way to ship your goods to your customers. With this app, you get instant access to discounted shipping rates. You can also compare real-time rates and delivery times with all of your carriers in one place.  ShipStation has also built in some automations to help save you time and money to grow your business. Lastly, they have a simple and easy-to-use interface to allow for domestic and international shipping and logistics.

Warehousing & Distribution

ShipHero is our pick for the top app to improve warehousing and distribution. They help with everything from printing labels, to efficiently picking, packing, and shipping your orders. You can have total confidence in ShipHero with their end-to-end visibility from the time your order comes in from your Shopify store until it arrives at the customer. In turn, have more happy customers by dramatically reducing your error rate with accurate inventory tracking.


While there are 100s of marketing apps in the Shopify App store, we chose Automizely Email Marketing for its vast offerings that we find highly valuable. The all-in-one app adds powerful and persuasive elements to your page including social proof, shipping bar, and trust badges in just minutes. Capture leads, build your list, & present your web traffic with compelling offers they can’t say no to with beautiful non-intrusive popups. Lastly, simplify your marketing while keeping leads and customers engaged with automated newsletters, welcome emails, abandoned cart emails & more.

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